10 Signs You Are Having A Horrible Week

After a long great weekend

1. this happens

2. 1. you did not get the job you wanted

3. just because one factor

4. 2. Your family decide to drop you some important information like if was just nothing

5. 3. you receive a letter from the IRS about some problem with your taxes

6. 4. follow by call regarding your students loans payments

7. 5. you feel going like your going insane

8. 6. you become irritated

9. and just when you think this cannot any worse, it does

10. 7. you remember your rent

11. 8. seeing your bank account is something like this

13. 9. your paranoid about everything you spend

14. 10. you have start consider the following

15. And the end of the day the only thing that make you feel slightly better is grumpy cat

16. because might the only being in this planet that might get you right now

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