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    • tinaw14

      Typical misinformation: A baby born at 22 weeks have a less than 10% chance of survival, while there are only two recorded cases of babies surviving at 21 weeks’ gestation. Although survival at 20 weeks is theoretically possible and may occur some time in the future, a 20-week-old preterm baby effectively has a 0% chance of surviving. http://voices.yahoo.com/what-premature-babys-chances-survival-8408075.html A baby can NOT feel pain until much later than 20 weeks, it’s more likely at least the 28th week of gestation because they haven’t formed the necessary nerve pathways. Fetuses do have reflex reactions that can make them seem pained, Rosen says. “If you see a fetus in utero react to needle stimulation, then the common conclusion is that it must feel.” But just as with paraplegics, “that’s a reflex that’s mediated by the spinal cord; that’s not a conscious reaction. http://discovermagazine.com/2005/dec/fetus-feel-pain

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