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    • tinap35

      If your cat doesn’t like a covered box, why not remove the top of the cabinet and put a wire shelf on it instead. The cat will have light, air and it would still look nice. However, I think if the cabinet were large enough - like a taller chest of drawers, the extra head space is probably what your cat needs in order to accept a covered box. I trash-picked a 3 drawer chest (it is cedar) and it was missing one drawer and one leg (on the back). I put a shelf in the top slot and used a 2x4 for the back leg - didn’t show anyway and I think I am going to up-cycle this and give it a try. My cat box cannot be open because my little dog will not leave it alone (right now it is in a spare room behind a baby gate). I’m thinking this might allow me to open that room back up for regular use if the cats will accept it. :) Thanks for the great article!

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