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    13 Adorable Instagram Cats Who Killed The Halloween Costume Game This Year

    Hear me out: cats... but in costumes.

    1. When your two favorite worlds collide — The Bachelorette and cats!

    2. Yabba Dabba Doo!

    3. Robbie and human said, "you'll float too"!

    4. We need this Batman and Robin movie version STAT!

    5. Frida CAThlo

    6. Murn doesn't need a costume because he is Halloween!

    7. Zoya the Destroyer v. Liberty Bell from GLOW

    8. Yes you can, Wheezy!

    9. Mick is Scoops Ahoy's employee of a lifetime!

    10. And this Scoops Ahoy employee has a human to match!

    11. *Italian Chef Kiss*

    12. The most adorable witch there ever was!

    13. And finally, this adorable, spooky, Addams family pair.