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    27 T-Shirts That Got A Little Lost In Translation

    "The pig is full of many many cats"???

    1. Mistranslated shirts! You gotta love 'em. Like this shirt, which seems to have a slight typo:

    2. And this shirt, which is basically the new "just do it."

    3. This shirt makes no sense but I kind of like it:

    4. This shirt escalated things rather quickly:

    5. This shirt is honestly a mood:

    6. Also a mood: this shirt.

    7. This shirt is just all over the place:

    8. And this shirt seems to have a secret message embedded in it??

    9. This shirt tells it like it is:

    10. I don't know entirely what this shirt is trying to say but it seems extra already:

    11. Where can I buy this shirt though??

    12. Also this one. I need this one.

    13. This is an appropriate Easter shirt, yes?

    14. Meanwhile, this shirt says so little yet kind of says a lot?

    15. Now here's a Shirt.

    16. This one's so close, yet so far:

    17. This shirt makes no sense but I like the energy here:

    18. Whereas this shirt seems gloomy AF:

    19. We're pretty sure this is not what this shirt is supposed to say...

    20. Same with this one...

    21. And this one:

    22. This shirt is up for interpretation:

    23. And listen, this shirt just radiates truth:

    24. Unsure what this shirt's trying to say, but I like the giraffe:

    25. And who among us doesn't love a round future?

    26. Here's one more delightfully weird one:

    27. And finally, one that's definitely a conversation starter, if that's what you're into:

    This post was translated from German.