11 Things You Understand When You’re The Only Sports Fan In Your Friend Group

    How did you get surrounded by all these nerds?

    1. Just because you sometimes watch sports, you're like the biggest "bro" your friends know.

    2. When any athlete is in the news your friends expect you to know everything about it.

    3. But, of course, when you want to talk about an INSANE thing that happened in a game, they have no idea.

    4. They also assume that because you watch sports, you're also good at all of them.

    5. When you're hanging out with friends, you have to ask random strangers what the score is.

    6. People invite you to their viewing party because you're the only one who can explain the rules to them.

    7. And whenever you're explaining something you need to do it in terms of whatever TV show is popular, otherwise they won't understand.

    8. You're tired of laughing at your friends' jokes about "sportsball" being "pointless."

    9. If you want to go to a game, you have to find someone well outside your friend group who also wants to go.

    10. Honestly, you're used to just watching the game home alone.

    11. BUT when your friends do wanna talk sports, you're so proud of them!

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