The Stages Of Life After Graduation

Welcome to the roller coaster of emotions.

1. So you just graduated! Congratulations!

2. But this is how it is really about to feel…

3. First, you move back in with your parents…

and they still just don’t understand you.

4. You contemplate going to grad school…

5. But quickly give up on that idea.

6. It’s time to get reacquainted with naps

7. You will join a bar volley ball team with a sexual innuendo name

8. Then have your mom pick you up from the bar

because you are a responsible college graduate, remember?

9. And she even did all your laundry!

10. Next, you get a job at the same old crappy restaurant you used to work at…

but you soon realize you are better then this.

11. So you get an internship…

12. but, its unpaid.

13. You don’t know where to go from here

14. And your first student loan bill comes

15. All you want to do is cry and bang your head against a wall

16. Next, you decide to try and get back in shape…

17. But it’s hard because you eat real meals again at your parents’ house

18. Soon you realize that you talk to your pet more than anyone else in the house

19. But then it all falls apart; you get cut off

20. and you have to move out…

and live in basically the same broken down house you lived in when you were in college.

21. So your parents take you out to dinner

22. and you think, hey, it’s not so bad…

23. You realize, you can handle anything

24. So come at me dark cruel world!

25. Take your best shot!

26. You got this!

27. So good luck out there!

You can do it!

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