4 TV Sketches For Socially Awkward British ‘People’ Who Don’t Get Football

Football is integral to British life, but some of you shun the beautiful game. You will never be accepted by society, but these 4 funny TV clips might make you feel a little less alone.

If you’re British and you’re not into football, there’s clearly something wrong with you; some exisential mutation at the very core of your being. Football is a non-negotiable constant throughout the Great British Isles; an all-persavive cultural force that exerts its influence on almost every aspect of British life.

If the prospect of footy banter terrifies you, or the experience of watching a game bores you to the brink of brain injury, then you probably don’t belong in Britain, and I will probably never be your friend.

But whilst you may be in the maladjusted minority, you’re not entirely alone. Maybe these 4 videos from the good old world of British telly will make you feel a bit better about your weird, football-phobic life…

2. Armando Iannucci

“Bergkamp, come on, you’ve got 22 legs. Use them.”

3. The IT Crowd (1)

“He is a ffffoooolish boy!”

4. The IT Crowd (2)

“The thing about Arsenal is they always try and walk it in.”

5. Watch the Football!

“Catch all of the constantly happening football here!”

“Thousands and thousands of hours of football, each more climactic than the last!”

“There is still everything to play for, AND FOREVER TO PLAY IT IN!

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