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    15 Ideas For Teachers During The Holidays

    Need an engaging lesson to use for Christmas time? Need to spice up your classroom? Here are some great ideas for various subjects and ages! Check out TimePlan Education on all Social Media platforms and let us know how they turned out!

    1. Winter Words - Literacy AND Decorating!

    2. Grow some Christmas Crystals

    3. 12 Days of Review


    5. Pin The Heart on the Grinch

    6. Writing a Letter to Santa

    7. Christmas Careers

    8. Call Santa!

    9. How did Christmas start?

    10. Interview An Elf

    11. Snowflakes!

    12. Christmas Truce of The First World War

    13. Christmas Math - Problem Solving

    14. Chop Down the Christmas Trees

    15. Snowman Cookies