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A new Australian national flag has been proposed to replace the current design of a blue field with the Union Jack and six stars, in an effort to “move on” from the country’s British heritage, reports the Daily Telegraph. • 6 years ago

It's all about the reward • 6 years ago

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it crystal clear Wednesday that the social networking juggernaut has a better working relationship with hardware giant Apple than it does with Web search leader Google. The 28-year-old billionaire said his company… • 6 years ago

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OK, let's get this straight: Turner relinquished her U.S. passport for tax reasons, only she is not going to say so because otherwise she would get in deep ____ with the IRS. She didn't make this decision lightly. She didn't do it because she is… • 6 years ago

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Now the question is whether other giant clouds in the vicinity are similarly short on newborn stars. There are plenty of young, bright stars in the area, so they must have come from somewhere — but why should one cloud be comparatively barren and… • 6 years ago

An advertising campaign designed to illustrate the drawbacks of living in the U.K. is being planned to deter an expected surge of immigrants, according to reports • 6 years ago

First of all, it seems to me that if the couple is sharing the household chores that most likely means that they are both working or both have multiple things going on in which case THAT would be the cause to less sex. It is absolutely absurd to say… • 6 years ago

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Plenty of so-called conventional wisdom isn't really wisdom, especially when it comes to travel spending. The myth: Book your plane ticket as far ahead as possible. The reality: The conventional wisdom that the early bird gets the worm was debunked… • 6 years ago