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29 Ways To Have A Perfect Weekend In Brighton

You’ve got 48 hours in Brighton. This is how you should spend it.

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It doesn't have to be a Vespa.

But a lot of people will be turning up on the bikes this year. The city is inundated with mods every August, and May 2014 marks 50 years since they butted heads with rockers on Brighton's beach, inspiring the film Quadrophenia.

When you get there, check into Hotel Pelirocco.

Flickr: delarge

The fabled pile boasts a range of themed rooms, in which the often bizarre décor ranges from sixties ‘Modrophenia’ to rockabilly. Others are based on Dolly Parton or Star Wars, and the Play Room – with round bed, mirrored ceiling and a pole dancing area – is particularly popular.


Head to North Laine's labyrinthine streets for some shopping.

Flickr: reenita

Whether you're after vintage clothes (Hope & Harlequin), something to read (Rainbow Books) or just random tchotchkes (the various stalls in Snooper's Paradise), the area's 400 shops probably have it covered.

You could probably squeeze in a bit more shopping now.

Flickr: uk_pictures

Sadly the legendary Rounders Records had to pull down the shutters a while back but vinyl lovers are still well served by the likes of Borderline, Cult Hero and Endless.

It's probably time to start thinking about glamming up for the evening. The Parlour Rooms is a good bet.

They’re a sort of tea shop / dressing up box / cocktail bar / make-up salon hybrid and will get you looking – and feeling - the part.


Let festivities commence. Eating first.


It would be rude not to stop by the city’s most exciting new restaurant, 64 Degrees. Lauded by The Guardian, it specialises in small plates and does that weird listy thing on the menu but offers meals that more than make up for it.


Then go see some dead things at the Booth Museum of Natural History.

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Named after everyone’s favourite Victorian gun-toting ornithologist, the Booth Museum of Natural History is only open from 2pm to 5pm on Sundays but is worth a peek. It’s “all about birds, butterflies, fossils, bones and skeletons”, and aren’t we all?


Finally head down to The Basement.

The contemporary performance venue is marking its 10th birthday this autumn and is currently running a thoughtful programme called Sick! and focussing on death and disease in all its permutations.