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    The 20 Best Designs For The New New Zealand Flag

    We truly are a talented country...

    New Zealand recently began the long process of selecting a new flag, this of course means that new designs must be submitted. The most exciting thing about this is that anyone - yes, ANYONE - can submit a design.

    Here are just a few of the best...

    1. "Woolly or wont he"

    Michael Tuffin / Via

    This is great... it's got sheep (our unofficial national emblem), and a star. Now all it needs is Frodo and to be the actual shape of a flag!

    2. "Ocean Sea and Mountain"

    Benjamin Matthews / Via

    Where is the last place you would expect the illuminati to meet?

    New Zealand.

    Well the truth is in the flag...

    3. "RESTART"

    J. Yoshimura / Via


    4. "United 'State" of New Zealand version 2"

    Nigel Gapper / Via

    A lot of people want us to distance our nation from the British colony image our current flag has, clearly they should all want us to have this flag because well.... it's not very British...

    Also, what did version 1 look like?

    5. "Gains"

    Logan Wu / Via

    This is absolute genius. From the subtle Koru, the rainbow ground, mountains/pyramids, and the flightless bird armada midair, it's a surefire winner.

    6. "Sheep le mon"

    KC / Via

    Another sheep flag, this one however has the most adorable drawing of a sheep ever... Also, the green is a nice reference to our environment.

    7. "Kamifern"

    James O'Dowd / Via

    Because there's nothing more inviting than a black and white version of the Japanese imperialist army flag...

    8. "Sheep and Hokey Pokey"

    Jesse Gibbs / Via

    Nothing could be more kiwi... Other than maybe a Kiwi?

    9. "Flag-bearing kiwi"

    George George / Via

    This is like those cards that trip you out... I'm scared.

    10. "blue and red crosses"

    Graeme King / Via


    11. "3 stars and a crescent"

    Jacob James / Via

    I would vote for this because it makes us look like a super laid back friendly country. #SOCHILL

    12. "Nyan Kiwi"

    Fosh / Via

    This is the single most greatest piece of art ever created. I hope it doesn't win, simply so it can be placed in MoMA, or the Louvre.

    13. "Small silver fern on monumental black background"

    Chris Keall / Via

    Well the name really says it all...

    14. "Fush & Chups"

    Angela Inglis / Via

    A classic reference to our country's first ever attempt at YouTube.

    15. "Earth Sky Mountain"

    R / Via

    Simple, well designed, represents various qualities that can be found in New Zealand.

    This could be the one!

    16. "MOA FLAG"

    Max Williams / Via

    It may be extinct, but the Moa is still one of the most relevant birds in our nation's history. It seems only fair that it takes pride of place on the flag over anything else, right?

    17. "Long White Cloud With Silver Lining"

    Tessa Walta / Via

    Is she saying that our country is kinda shit, but there's a little bit of goodness surrounding all the bad? Thanks Tessa!

    18. "Clean Green Kiwiana"

    Toko Ma / Via

    This one is very interesting, it represents a lot about our country;

    The growing rate of ACC claims due to injured legs in Kiwi, the little known secret that Kiwi can grow tree's out of their bodies, and our very low key banana growing population.

    19. "Silver Fern - Kiwi - Southern Cross"

    Darren Bent / Via

    I'm not the only one who thinks that the Kiwi looks a bit dead, right?

    20. "Te Pepe"

    David Astill / Via

    This is the one. Because in this day and age, it's pointless to not create a flag that isn't a meme...

    This also gets bonus points for incorporating the entirety of the flag that we are trying to change.

    For more of these designs, check out the gallery here, and upload your design!

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