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    The 20 Best Designs For The New New Zealand Flag

    We truly are a talented country...

    New Zealand recently began the long process of selecting a new flag, this of course means that new designs must be submitted. The most exciting thing about this is that anyone - yes, ANYONE - can submit a design.

    Here are just a few of the best...

    1. "Woolly or wont he"

    2. "Ocean Sea and Mountain"

    3. "RESTART"

    4. "United 'State" of New Zealand version 2"

    5. "Gains"

    6. "Sheep le mon"

    7. "Kamifern"

    8. "Sheep and Hokey Pokey"

    9. "Flag-bearing kiwi"

    10. "blue and red crosses"

    11. "3 stars and a crescent"

    12. "Nyan Kiwi"

    13. "Small silver fern on monumental black background"

    14. "Fush & Chups"

    15. "Earth Sky Mountain"

    16. "MOA FLAG"

    17. "Long White Cloud With Silver Lining"

    18. "Clean Green Kiwiana"

    19. "Silver Fern - Kiwi - Southern Cross"

    20. "Te Pepe"

    For more of these designs, check out the gallery here, and upload your design!