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27 Reactions To Zayn Malik's Twitter Shade


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ICYMI, Zayn Malik tweeted some ultimate shade to Naughty boy earlier today and it was the tea that we all needed in this dark time.

@NaughtyBoyMusic you fat joke stop pretending we're friends no one knows you .

It's been three months since Zayn left One Direction, and every day gets a little darker. However, fans rejoiced today as a small ray of hope shone down on us all when Zayn tweeted.

The fandom reacted accordingly, as seen below.

1. A hashtag was quickly started on Twitter.


The biggest fans used this as an opportunity to show off their latest craft projects.

2. Some fans made an effort to profit off the tweet.

Zayn's tweet is on everything. Only in the One Direction fandom http://t.co/hUPk70sFNm #ZAYNHASNOCHILL

It's not a bad idea tbh...

3. Many gifs of Louis sipping tea were shared.

Via floral-narry.tumblr.com

4. Somehow the fandom bought Perrie into it.

Via braidsnglassesblog.tumblr.com

Because she's definitely involved... right?

5. A lot of fans wanted to ensure that Zayn wasn't body shaming.

Via datmlechick-1d.tumblr.com

Because they all know what he meant. His tweets aren't limited to 140 characters in their hearts.

6. THIS.


7. Some people started planning their defence.

Via zayngin.tumblr.com

8. This was literally EVERYONE.

Via onedirectionyacunts.tumblr.com


9. Also this.

10. Horoscopes happened.

Via flaweddreaming.tumblr.com

11. There are no words left.


12. When will Ikea be stocking this?

13. Louis tweeted about a good cause, and the fans were upset.

Louis tweeted ! but not about #ZAYNHASNOCHILL .. :(

"Tweet something bitchy!" - Directioners.

14. Some people took it *a bit* too seriously.

Did it really ruin your summer?

15. Some fans were wary...

Via urbanoutsinners.tumblr.com

16. But then others were just like...

This is one of the best ones yet!😂 #ZAYNHASNOCHILL #ZAYNGRILLEDTHEBURITTO

17. Many of the fandom could be seen on doorsteps, spreading the good word.

Via louistboy.tumblr.com

18. A timeline was created.

Via nothingcancomebetweenmeand1d.tumblr.com

Documenting from when the tweet happened, to 30 seconds later when mass hysteria erupted and there was no longer time to document history.

19. This happened.

Via louistboy.tumblr.com

What's with the weird eyes?

20. A genuinely smart idea was had.

Can we make it real? #ZAYNHASNOCHILL

I would watch this. I would watch this FOREVER.

21. An outside point of view was taken.

Other fandoms right now #ZAYNHASNOCHILL

22. But then fans were like... why not their point of view?

Via angelicalzayn.tumblr.com

23. This.

Via meganirwin1994.tumblr.com

Harry, bb.

24. Oprah prepared for her biggest interview yet.

Via braidsnglassesblog.tumblr.com

Once again, I. Would. Watch. This.

25. Literal ray of light.

Via sweetpotahoe.tumblr.com

I told you.

26. Photoshop skills were tested to their limits.

☺ I'm ☺ not ☺ gonna ☺ stop ☺ #ZAYNHASNOCHILL


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