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    Surprise Your Friends With This Butterfly Card

    Do it for the shock factor.

    Flying Butterfly Surprise Card


    Cardstock paper

    Popsicle stick


    Strong wire

    Hot glue stick

    Hot glue gun

    Jewelry plier set

    Rubber band


    1. Cut out the wings from the cardstock paper.

    2. Cut a piece of the popsicle stick to the size of the rubber band.

    3. Apply hot glue to popsicle stick and attach to big wings.

    4. Bend wire into a U-shaped hook. Trim off excess wire and hot-glue to the bottom of the popsicle stick.

    5. Twist loop into another wire and bend 90 degrees to make a holder for the top wings to spin. Trim excess and hot-glue onto top of popsicle stick.

    6. Pinch wire together. Leave about ½” pinched together and bend the rest of the wire outward. Hot-glue top wings to this wire. Trim excess wire off.

    7. Change angles of top wings by turning them.

    8. Slide rubber band to the middle of the top wing wire. Pull rubber band through the top wire loop on the popsicle stick and latch to the bottom U-shaped hook.

    9. Spin top wings and place into a card. if butterfly moves backwards, turn the wings the other direction.

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