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    • TigerGreez

      The ten stages of waiting in line makes me think about how many stages I would
      go through for those damn sky chairs at DLand. I remember it was; there is no
      line/short line for those, then we can see atop Disney and be in tomorrowland
      without walking. Once on the ride I was like: cool! - awesome to see the rides
      and people. Wow, they look almost like ants!
      Wait, what is that I see?! The Madorhorn?! we are going right for it! Oh No! I
      forgot! *GrowlScream from Yeti* OH NO! The The The Monster is ahead! We are
      entering the top of the mountain!!! Eek- can I jump?!? Too late there he is! The
      *GASP* Abominal Snow Man with those red eyes, those claws. *Me: Scream* Oh! He
      almost got those bobsledders….*pant pant pant*
      Oh good we left the mountain —-*shudder* there’s that scream again! *Eek!* I
      swear I will never make this mistake [yet] again. How could I have forgotten?
      There should be a warning before getting on this ride - “Scary Yeti ahead” Look
      at those people heading the other way towards the mountain. They are doomed and
      don’t have a care in the world. Poor people they look like they are having fun.
      Hey look we are in tomorrow land! The rockets! Space Mountain! Yay we made it!
      45 minutes wait for Space Mountain - not bad - let’s go!….

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