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10 Dumb Foods That Made the 80's/90's Bearable

Assuming you were a child and unlucky enough not to be able to drown out any memory of the decade with vodka. In retrospect, some of this stuff was horrible - but not all. I'd gladly toss on a BUM Equipment sweatshirt and a pair of LA Gear to relive the childhood excitment of:

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  • 1. Ecto Cooler

    Ecto Cooler

    Actually, I'd push an old lady carrying 4 puppies down a flight of stairs to get to this. Yes. Most Ecto Cooler fans know that it was nothing more than tangerine flavored juice, that may still be sold...but without Slimer on the box and (probably cancerous) green food coloring, it's just not the same. The only reason this made it to the dumb list is because it's dumb of Hi-C to get rid of it.

  • 2. Orbitz


    A lava lamp you could DRINK. Didn't matter that it was horrible. Gimmicks were(are) everything.

  • 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies

    Hostess fried pies with a green vanilla filling. WHAT WAS IT WITH GREEN MAKING THING SO YUMMY?!

  • 4. Gushers, Fruit Rollups & Fruit by the Foot

    Gushers, Fruit Rollups & Fruit by the Foot

    Thankfully, they're still around. Gushers almost killed every fruit snack on the market...except fruit by the foot. Who CARES if it was half an inch wide. We had a whole FOOT of fruit! No comment necessary on Fruit Rollups. They ran shit.

  • 5. Nintendo Cereal

    Nintendo Cereal

    The box was designed to look like Mario Brothers/Zelda....AND CAME WITH 2 CEREALS. I'm about to meltdown thinking about it.

  • 6. Lunchables


    None of that Pizza/Hamburger/Nacho slop. I'm talking about the old school one with mechanical separated meat - I mean ham & turkey with a yucky packet of some type of dijon mustard and a little mint. So unfulfilling...and so necessary. Did anyone really like this shit? It was basically a lunchroom status symbol.

  • 7. 3D Doritos

    3D Doritos

    I don't actually miss them, but they were awesome when they were here.

  • 8. Big League Chew

    Big League Chew

    They can take away our candy cigarettes, but they'll NEVER TAKE OUR BUBBLEGUM CHEWING TOBACCO. GOT THAT?

  • 9. Mickey's Parade Popsicle

    Mickey's Parade Popsicle

    Somehow it just tasted different in the shape of Mickey and the crew.

  • 10. Ring Pops & Candy Necklaces

    Ring Pops & Candy Necklaces

    Candy Jewelry. Really? Who's idea was this? A huge diamond shaped ring that you'd slobber on until your fingers were a sticky mess. Candy necklaces were even worse. A string of candy worn around your next which you could eat at random. Even worse in the summertime. Putting it on before you go out to break a sweat digging for worms, & riding your bike, then offering your bff a bite. EW. Tainted by sweat, dirt and cooties. WHY would you want to eat that? To top THAT off the candy sucked. I can't even describe what it tasted like. Wait. Yes, I can. It tasted like sweetened chalk. And it was fantastic.