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20 Reasons Why Mirai-chan Is Cooler than You

Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them. (Dr. Seuss)

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1. She Eats Lollipops in the Snow.

2. She's so Cute.

3. Even the Goldfish Thinks She's Cute.

4. She Still Looks Cute with a Snotty Nose.

5. Her Hairstyles Are Better than Your Hairstyles.

6. She Perfectly Expresses Disdain on Public Transport.

7. Her Holiday Photos Will Always Look Better than Yours.

8. She Sticks Her Tongue out through a Broken Shōji.

9. The Simple Things Make Her Smile.

10. She's so Stylish.

11. Her Deep in Thought Face Melts Ice Cream.

12. She's the next Isaac Newton.

13. Her Stories Are More Interesting than Your Stories.

14. Look How Cute She Is, Seriously.

15. She Can Balance like a True Acrobat.

16. Her Cat Is Cooler than You.

17. She's at One with Nature.

18. Her Dog Is Also Cooler than You.

19. She's a Highly Skilled Food Critic.

20. The Wind Is No Match for Mirai-chan.

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