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17 Signs You Are Absolutely Obsessed With Sushi


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1. Well, you never get tired of eating sushi...ever.

2. You know all the sushi restaurants within a 20 mile radius of where you live. / Via google

3. You'll find any excuse to meet with someone for lunch at a sushi restaurant. / Via google

4. You'll find any excuse to meet people for Happy a sushi restaurant. / Via google

5. Basically, you will find ANY EXCUSE to eat at a sushi restaurant.

6. The host knows where you like to sit, and the server knows what you like to order.

7. You don't associate with people who don't like sushi. / Via

What do you mean you don't eat sushi?

8. You are never phased by the price of sushi, because you know it's SO worth it.

9. Sometimes you do a little dance when the sushi arrives at your table.

10. Under one or more of your online profiles, you mention something about how much you love sushi.

11. If you had a pet, you'd probably name it "Wasabi" or "Ginger."

12. You celebrate any opportunity to enjoy quality sushi for Happy Hour prices. / Via

Spider Roll, only $4.75? Yes please!!

13. You have no fear of any type of raw fish, especially if it's in the form of maki, nigiri or sashimi.

14. You have an immediate respect for anyone who shares your love of sushi.

15. Chances are that this person has now become one of your best friends!

16. You get excited about next time you get to eat sushi again, immediately after you're done with your sushi meal.

17. Friends never ask what you want to eat, because THEY ALREADY KNOW. / Via google

sushi :)

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