14 Signs You’re Over “Once Upon A Time”

Cause Storybrooke just ain’t what it used to be…

1. Henry’s Mixed Emotions Toward Regina Annoy You.

2. Hook Went From Looking Sexy to Looking Creepy.

3. You Can’t Stand How Emma’s Gift of Recognizing Liars Is SO Inconsistent.

4. You Noticed that Prince Charming is Not So Charming as a Regular Dude.

5. Nothing Regina Does Surprises You…She’s Evil.

We get it.

6. Every New Plot Twist Drives You Insane.

7. You Can No Longer Afford to Get Attached to Characters.

They will probably only last for 4 episodes, 5 max.

8. You Realized All You Cared About Was the Season One Storyline.

Charming & Snow 4ever!

9. You Think the Custody Fight Over Henry is Played Out.

Settle down ladies…

10. You’re Disappointed that Archie Never Had His Happy Ending…

11. One of Your Highlights for Each Episode Has Become Seeing What the Evil Queen Will Wear.

12. You Can’t Believe They’ve Already Created A Spin-Off in Wonderland.

13. Finally, You Just Never Forgave the Show For Killing Off the Hunstman.

14. Yeah, You Still Hopes He Comes Back…

We really miss you dude!

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