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Literally Just 19 Hilariously Relatable Tweets About The Midlands

Imagine not knowing what Birds Bakery is. So sad.

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1. We get ourselves into sticky situations.

Here's what we found when we were called to a burglary in progress today.

4. And we say "mom" instead of "mum."

FYI I'm from Birmingham so I spell it 'mom' rather than 'mum' and if you don't like it you can fock uff.

No, we're not "trying to be American."


5. We dread the Birmingham Christmas market.

Nice of the City Council to install teleporters up and down New Street so we can all bypass the Frankfurt Market.

You could live miles from Birmingham and it will still stress you out.


12. We get really damn passive-aggressive when someone argues that a "cob" isn't called a "cob."

Why do people not understand it's called a flippin' Cob..?!?!? (Waits for response in a hard hat) #Nottingham

It's not a "barm." It's not a "bap." It's not a "breadcake." It's not a "roll." It's a COB.

14. But it's OK; we have views like this right outside.

I'm generally a sedentary home-lover, but reading @cox_tom's #21stCenturyYokel has encouraged me to get out and exp…


17. Although we stick together in the face of our enemies*.

Living in the Midlands problems #GameOfThrones

*Anyone who isn't from the Midlands.