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The Rise And Fall Of Julius Caesar, As Told Through Spongebob GIFs

Who lives in a pineapple somewhere in Rome?

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Over the course of numerous difficult military campaigns, Caesar proves to be a brilliant general.


He would go undefeated in his military career, due in part to his incisive strategy, commanding leadership, and brutal ruthlessness.

Back in Rome, an uneasy Pompey gets word of Caesar's growing power.


Fearing Caesar is becoming too powerful, the senate tries to convince Pompey to lead his army against Caesar, but Pompey is reluctant to break the triumvirate.

But the already uneasy balance of the triumvirate is torpedoed by the sudden death of Crassus.


Crassus invaded Parthia, seeking to prove himself the military equal of Caesar and Pompey. He didn't.

And on the ides of March, when Caesar arrives at the Theatre of Pompey, the conspirators attack.


That's right, the assassination took place in a building commissioned by Caesar's greatest rival.

And when Brutus strikes Caesar, Caesar famously utters, "Et tu, Brute?"


...at least that's what he said in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. We have no idea what he actually said.

Probably "Ow."

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