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15 Things Only Canadian East Coasters Know To Be True

What do you know about the Maritimes?

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2. Freezing Temperatures Are The Norm

Ashley Jones

Maritimers don’t even switch to a winter coat until it reaches below -10°C (14°F). During the February thaw when the temperature reaches a balmy 10°C (50°F) Maritimers are commonly seen out in shorts and a t-shirt.

3. We Can Deal With Lots of Snow

Ashley Jones - New Brunswick

With snowfall up to 450cm (177”) each winter, Maritimers are adept at dealing with the white fluffy stuff. We embody the common Canadian seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Road Construction.

4. Yet We Do Not Live In Igloos Or Use Sled Dogs

Ashley Jones

Even though we have lots of snow and cold we live in houses just like our American counterparts. While it’s true some Maritimers have summer cars that are too low to drive in the winter and have to be stored; most of us drive the same cars as those to the south… equipped with snow tires.

5. We Are Not All Fishermen Or Farmers

Ashley Jones - Grand Manan, NB

Fishing and farming are actually a dying breed of jobs in the Maritimes. With more than 20 universities and countless colleges crammed into a small space, young people are flocking to more modern means of making money.

6. Fall Is Our Most Beautiful Season

Ashley Jones - Fredericton, NB

Fall is so beautiful here that we often have bus tours come just to see our leaves. Timing is everything because summer ends quickly and soon becomes winter but the few weeks in between are the prettiest time of year.

7. We Are Home To Incredible Vistas

Ashley Jones - Grand Manan, NB

The Maritimes may be small but it’s worth a visit to see our scenic coast. From lighthouses to beautiful beaches there is something for everyone.

9. We Eat A Lot of Lobster And BBQ

Ashley Jones

Lobster is a very common summer dish; sometimes boiled right on the beach after being freshly brought in. BBQ is eaten year round, it’s nothing for a Maritimer to go out and barbeque in a blizzard.

11. We Have Our Own Slang

Ashley Jones - Annapolis Valley, NS

Maritimers will use the Canadian “Eh” at the end of a sentence to denote a question, and some Maritimers will use “Byy” (a slow version on boy) instead. As well “right” is used in place of very; for example “He was right hungry”. However, we do not say “oot and aboot”, we pronoun it “out and about” just like Americans.

12. There Are A Lot of Trees!

Ashley Jones - New Brunswick

The Maritimes boasts a lot of wide open space, trees and farmland but we also have plenty of cities and people. Maritimers are able to live quite cheaply in a city with almost no pollution or in a rural community with a short commute to work. It’s the best of both worlds.

13. We Have A Long History

Ashley Jones - Charlottetown, PEI

The Maritimes were some of the first places in Canada settled by European explorers. As such, we have a long and colourful history; as well as, many beautiful historic buildings dating back hundreds of years. Prince Edward Island, part of the Maritimes, is one of the birth places of Canadian Confederation.

14. We Complain About Living Here But It’s Home

Ashley Jones - Prince Edward Island

Maritimers complain about winter the most and wonder why we live here. We also complain about the lack of good shopping and eating (hello IKEA and Chipotle!) but things are getting better. In the end, this is home and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

15. We Are Small But Mighty

Ashley Jones - Hopewell Rocks, NB

Though you may have never heard of the Martitimes, we are a place worth visiting. With so much to see and do, we are a great getaway and we aren’t as back woods as you might think. The Maritimes might just surprise you!

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