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    10 Things Only Thrift Shoppers Understand

    You'd be crazy not to thrift!

    1. When you find something amazing but it doesn't fit


    ...and you buy it anyways in the hope that it will magically fit one day

    2. When you see people shopping in normal stores

    3. Wondering if you're wearing a dead person's clothes, but feeling fabulous nonetheless

    4. When you secretly like the smell of thrift clothes and then start to sniff everything

    5. or

    6. When you begin to think goodwill is too expensive, $5! I can get that for $3!

    7. Containing your judgment when you see the choices of other shoppers

    8. When the amount of clothing is overwhelming, you get excited. Challenge accepted!

    9. When other people judge you for buying second hand clothes

    10. How you walk out with your new purchases

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