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    • thome2

      I don’t think I have ever been so angry about someone repeatedly bringing up their credentials… I see NO reason for this guy to have already agreed to this interview on “Spirited Debate” than to promote his book.  Now he could at least do it with some grace rather than this overly defensive attitude that makes the people of Fox News look unintelligent. They are just people like everyone else.  One of the first things he says is, “I am an expert with a PhD in the history of religions”. He completely refuses to play ball in this interview; instead he constantly tells viewers and listeners to read his book for his views.  The people of Fox try to spark a debate for television and they are shot down by some bigoted guy who wants an academic debate. So don’t agree to the ****ing interview then.  A desperate bullying attempt to make money from a degree he wishes he never took. It’s not our fault you’ve wasted two decades of your life on something that has no future impact on the human race. And now you’ve brainwashed the general public to buy your waste of life book. Man… I hate history

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