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    6 Portraits Of Courtly Cats Being Classically Classy

    Stylized as classical oil paintings by Eldar Zakirov, these are all actually digitally made. Look how poised these bunch of Felidaes are.

    The Hermitage Court Moor Cat


    Let's have a pawty tonight! It'll be wonderfurrrl.

    The Hermitage Court Chamber Herald Cat


    A secret? Whisker it in my ear to me. I won't tail anyone it!

    The Hermitage Court Confectioner Apprentice Cat


    I'm going to knead you to come in to work this Caturday.

    The Hermitage Court Waiter Cat


    I will help you a litter later beclaws you're being hiss-terical right meow.

    Hermitage Court Moor in Casual Uniform


    Purrrhaps I should not purrrcrastinate any longer.

    The Hermitage Court Outrunner Cat


    I'm the most furrrocious cat in hissstory!