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Everyday People Make The Best Superheroes

We all love a good superhero film, right? In the real world though, superheroes aren't defined by their their masks or their capes; they are defined by their heroism or their kindness. We have scoured the web to bring you these videos of everyday superheroes being awesome! Number 5 is our favourite!

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1. Man Saves A 375 Pound Black Bear From Drowning in Florida

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So yeah, This actually happened. A bear that had found itself in a residential area in Florida, accidentally entered the water and started to drown. Until this man, jumped in and pulled him to the shore. Adam Warwick is a legend and a superhero.

2. Biker saved after being trapped under a burning car.

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These guys, ignoring the danger to their own life, helped free a biker from the burning vehicle he was trapped under. Bravery at the highest level.

3. Amazing act of kindness

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So this was a social experiment, but the kind man had no idea of this (he was informed afterwards). This really shows true kindness. This man needs a medal.

4. Standing up against Racism

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This is another social Experiment. But yet again, the unaware hero shows what a difference an everyday person can make!

5. Homeless man offers his coat to a cold kid

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There are no words to explain this one. All I can say is watch.

The Kindness and Heroism that we can show as humans, gives me hope for a better future.

Thomas Davis.

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