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We all thought he’d been keeping his head down, until…

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London Mayor Boris Johnson has claimed Ukip's success in the European elections was a drunken 'peasant's revolt' against leaders in Brussels.

The outspoken Tory today warned the rise of 'potty' minor parties across the continent had been led by 'pitchfork-wielding populists', 'drunk on local hooch' and ready to give the established system a kicking with 'folkloric clogs'.

Johnson – who rarely shies away from controversy – linked the victory of Nigel Farage's party in this weekend's vote to a fourteenth century uprising whose leader ended up with his head on a spike.

The famously shaggy haired London Mayor conceded Ukip's recent success had given the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats a 'slap in the face with a wet kipper'.

Ukip won almost 28% of the national vote in the European elections, pushing Labour into second place ahead of their Conservative rivals.

Responding to the result in his Daily Telegraph column, Johnson warned the European Union could no longer 'tell the people of Europe to get stuffed' and had to 'give power back'.

Of course, Boris is the last person you'd label 'potty'

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