5 Reasons Why Ricky Stratton Of Silver Spoons Was Way Cooler Than You

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. Ricky begs to differ.

1. Those arcade games


Ricky never had to do blow into in any 8-bit cartridges to play HIS video games.

2. That train


Yeah it was an old-tyme steam-engine looking thing, but who cares when it’s RUNNING THRU YOUR LIVING ROOM.

3. That race-car bed


Waterbeds were cool and all, but come on, nothing beats a race-car bed.

4. That best friend


JASON BATEMAN! We all had best friends, but none of them were in Teen Wolf 2 AND in The Hogan Family.

5. That step-mom


We loved her in “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”, but here she really came into her own as the original step-MILF.

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