Why Living With Roommates Is The Best

Roommates are more than just a necessary evil for making rent—in fact, they can be kind of awesome (seriously!). Over at This Old Apartment we’re navigating all your rental woes. But let’s pause and reflect on why you’re better off living with other people… even if they’re weirdos. — Megan Baker, This Old House

1. So, The New York Times says that even people who can afford to live on their own are opting for roommates. Maybe you’re thinking, uhhhh what?

2. BUT I get it. Seriously. Hear me out: Having roommates means you’ve got a built-in social network.

3. Like, a real-life-not-just-Facebook social network.

4. Roommates will chow down with you. These guys will be the additional mouths that will help you not feel bad about ordering an extra large, extra cheese, super supreme, hold the olives, thanks.

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5. Also they won’t judge you if you’re chowing down alone. Probably.

6. Roommates will tell you when your outfit looks dumb.

7. And if you lock yourself out, they’ve got a set of keys.

8. Roommates will be there to talk it out if you’ve had a bummer day.

9. Or, you know, maybe you don’t want to talk it out. But they’re still there.

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10. Roommates will hold you accountable.

11. But they’ll let you be lazy, too.

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12. Random dance parties: Impossible without roommates.

13. So are a lot of other things, really.

14. Especially dealing with the cable company.

15. Hooray, roommates! May your excellence continue to be recognized by award-winning newspapers.

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