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5 Wacky Kitchen Products

While these gadgets aren't exactly essential to a functioning kitchen, we don't really care. After all, it's not about what you need, it's about what you want. And we want wacky. Here are a few of our faves, but you can see the whole list of Wackiest Kitchen Products IV at

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  • 1. Slice It Up, Scotty!

    Still slicing your Boboli with a regular old pizza cutter? C'mon Trekkie, get with the program! This official Star Trek collectible is a pizza cutter ingeniously shaped as the NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from the original television series. Better make room next to your Spock-shaped serving spoon.

  • 2. Unnecessary Bananza

    Tired of breaking out the ruler every time you want perfectly measured ½-inch banana slices? Who isn't? Now you can indulge your OCD and take the guesswork out of banana slicing with this not-so-essential kitchen tool. Whether they're atop a cream pie or a bowl of Wheaties, your fruity toppers will be the model of uniformity.

  • 3. Crack Up

    For some people, cracking an egg is hard. No more! This handheld device will allow you to effortlessly separate egg from shell in one swift motion, no culinary flair or advanced motor skills required.

  • 4. Hip to Be Square

    Mother Nature always has to make things difficult. Take eggs, for example. Why make them round? How is one supposed to comfortably eat a hard-boiled egg when it keeps rolling around the plate? Enter the Chickenborg Egg Cuber, a gadget that allows you to improve upon nature's best by changing the shape of everyone's favorite breakfast food.

  • 5. Dude, Where's My Fridge?

    Want to make good on that New Year's resolution to go on a diet? Disguise your fridge with this jumbo mustache magnet. If you can't find it, you can't eat it, and this fridge is one trench coat short of disappearing.

  • 6. See the entire list at

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