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Top 10 Products For Outdoor Summer Fun

How'd you ever get through summer without a pool-trampoline? Or a floating pool ping pong table? Yeah, we don't know either.

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  • 1. Pool Trampoline

    Pool Trampoline

    Only one thing could make trampolines better, and that is water. This specially designed trampoline retains a small pool of water from a garden hose, adding a wet n' wild element to the proceedings. About $1700, Super Fun Trampolines. MORE: Wackiest Pet Products

  • 2. Solar-Powered Spheres

    Solar-Powered Spheres

    Staked in the ground, floated on a pool, or set on a table, these 10-inch solar-powered orbs add an interesting twist to party decor. A solar panel and internal battery powers two LEDs, which slowly turn blue to pink to red to green. The globes sense darkness, and will stay lit up to eight hours. During the day, you must remove the casing from the solar panel to charge the lights with the rays of the sun, so plan ahead to ensure a evening's worth of mood lighting. About $50, Hammacher Schlemmer. MORE: Wackiest Kitchen Products

  • 3. Poker Table

    Poker Table

    A good poker face is the accessory for all seasons, and this collapsible, eight-man table is perfect for taking your skills to the poolside. $150, MORE: Home Inspection Nightmares

  • 4. Floating Ping-Pong

    Floating Ping-Pong

    Traditionally, pool breaks have been the only source of relief during those marathon, four-hour ping-pong tournaments. That is, until now. Just when you thought it was safe...About $80, Brookstone. MORE: Wackiest Hybrid Appliances

  • 5. Inflatable Outdoor Theater

    Inflatable Outdoor Theater

    You know inflatable mattresses? Say hello to the inflatable movie theater. You can choose the complete package, which includes a 9-foot-by-5-foot inflatable screen, a digital projector, a DVD player, a sound mixer, an LED light, all cables, a carrying case, and a blower fan, or purchase the screen and projector separately. About $2200, Open Air Cinema. MORE: Wackiest Kitchen Products

  • 6. Floating Speakers

    Floating Speakers

    A killer music library is no good for an outdoor party without the proper speakers. This seaworthy gadget should do the trick. A small transmitter hooks up to your sound system (which can be your iPod, phone, or anything else with Bluetooth capability, as well as your computer), and transmits music wirelessly to the speaker. The speaker is submersible in up to 3 feet of water and takes AA batteries. About $40, . MORE: Wackiest Party Products

  • 7. Outdoor Shower

    Outdoor Shower

    This clever and inexpensive shower hooks up to a regular garden hose and features adjustable temperature from 60-130 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit produces up to 4 3/4-gallons of hot water after three hours of sun exposure, providing up to four two-minute showers. About $200, Hammacher Schlemmer MORE: Wackiest Yard and Garden Products

  • 8. The Block Rocker

    The Block Rocker

    Whether you like to rock out or just sing along, this wheeled amp works on both live instruments and iPods to provide the perfect outdoor soundtrack. Sadly, however, it does not go to eleven. About $170, Amazon. MORE: Stupid Laws You Didn't Know You Were Breaking

  • 9. Collapsible Canopy

    Collapsible Canopy

    If a few sprinkles appear during your party, or the sun shines a little too brightly, this collapsible canopy is ideal. Setting up in five minutes, it is 11 feet 10½ inches square by 7 feet 5 inches high. It includes four galvanized stakes and has a steel frame and polyester canopy. About $108, Sears. MORE: 20 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

  • 10. Camera Goggles

    Camera Goggles

    Remember those big, waterproof cameras that were just regular disposable cameras in a plastic box? This gadget goes Canon one better; it incorporates the shutter into an honest-to-goodness pair of goggles.Its eyepieces have integrated crosshairs that allow you to line up shots (the shutter button is integrated into the mask), and an LED inside tells you whether you're shooting photos or video, both of which can be downloaded later. About $100, Hammacher Schlemmer. MORE: Wackiest Bathroom Products Ever