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7 Snow And Ice Houses You've Got To See To Believe

Check out some of the world's craziest frozen creations, from a massive snow castle to a functional bedroom made completely of ice

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1. Snow Castle

You have a castle, but is it made of snow?! This replica of the real-deal Nagoya Castle located in Nagoya, Japan, stands 45 feet high, including the base (also made of snow). Read our essential homeowner survival skills to keep your own castle pristine. -Elizabeth Lilly

6. Sprawling Snow House

This four-story house—featured in the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan in 2010—was made entirely of snow and even featured a working clock. If you'd prefer for the exterior of you home to not look like this, stock up on blizzard essentials.

7. Ice Palace from The History Books

History buffs may recognize this as a representation of the Forbidden City in Beijing, a Chinese imperial palace that housed emperors until 1912. Avoid walking on ice steps at your own place with our smart storm and snow cleanup tips.

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