5 DIY Fixes You Need To Make Before Judgmental Relatives Visit For Thanksgiving

The guests are arriving any day now, but the to-do list is endless. Here are 5 simple repairs you’ve been putting off, but can actually finish off in less than an hour. And, go! -thisoldhouse.com

1. Clean a Clogged Burner

Use a straight pin to remove burnt-on food from the holes. Scrub removable parts with a solution of equal parts warm water and baking soda. It’s a good idea to get everything prepped before you start on your feast.RELATED: Essential Survival Skills for Homeowners

2. Tighten Loose Chair Legs

Add a dab of epoxy to a wobbly leg; hold it in place with a band clamp or belt and let dry completely.RELATED: Holiday Host Survival Guide

3. Repair a Blister in a Vinyl Floor

Puncture the blister and fill with adhesive using a glue syringe. Wipe away excess, then weigh down the spot and let dry. If you don’t have a syringe handy, an artist’s brush or narrow-nosed ketchup bottle will do the trick.RELATED: Not Your Grandma’s Vinyl Flooring!

4. Fix a Sticky Sliding Closet Door

Unscrew and carefully lift out the door. After cleaning the wheels, lubricate with a silicone spray to prevent dirt and dust from gunking them up in the future.RELATED: Add Closet Space Without Renovating

5. Touch up a Wood Table

Use a stain marker (about $9, Minwax) to fill in nicks and scratches. Get rid of water rings by rubbing them with a dab of toothpaste before buffing clean.RELATED: More On Furniture-Finish Fixes

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