10 Inspiring Examples Of Facial Hair In Celebration Of Movemeber

In honor of #Movember, we highlight the best of This Old House crew beards and moustaches in action. You wish your facial hair was this legit.

1. Tricks of the Trade

We don’t call Norm Abram our master carpenter for nothing! He covers your home improvement issues, kind of like his beard does for his face.

2. Fall Update

Like facial hair, dead tree limbs are more conspicuous in colder months. TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook prunes an overgrown shrub and marks a task off his fall landscaping checklist.

3. Guard Against The Draft

TOH general contractor Tom Silva is an expert in insulation upgrades for the home…and the upper lip.

4. Straight and True

Norm has the nose—and beard—to pick out the best lumber for the job.

5. Planting Trees

Roger demonstrates that planting a tree and growing facial hair both add a lot to the existing landscape.

6. Let Me Show You

Tom will teach you about kitchen-cabinet and moustache basics. Learn from the master.

7. Protect The Goods

Norm knows that blue masking tape is to trim-surface protection what beards are to face protection from cold winds.

8. Work Hard, Play Hard

Roger shows mulching flowerbeds with oak leaves can be fun, just like growing a moustache in Movember.

9. Facial Hair Fix

TOH Senior Technical Editor Mark Powers shows that getting your facial hair and home in tip-top shape is a must before holiday guests arrive.

10. And Here Ends the Movember Dream Team

Editor Scott Omelianuk and his occasional facial hair (seen in shadow here) is at the helm of TOH print empire. Read his letters from the editor for insights on DIY and home improvement.

Want more TOH facial hair? Watch full episodes of This Old House online to see the ‘stached (and bare-faced!) crew in action.

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