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Lessons Learned Through Whisper

The app for your innermost secrets provides some important pieces of advice.

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Let's be honest, PostSecret was SO 2008.

Whisper, since 2012, has provided a digital platform for confessions.

Some people have a lot to get off their chests.

People post the craziest things... and some of them can't be unseen.

But there are lessons that can be learned:

When thirsty bitches are thirsty, they drink water.

You don’t have your shit together until you have a toaster strudel.

When you’re pregnant, some people will call Maury for you.

Beatles is the band of choice when hipsters wanna grind.

Lazy money hungry cougars have jobs, too.

Some days, you look cute. Some days, you look ratchet.

99% of you look ratchet for free. The other 1% gets paid to do it.

Don’t share your food with more than two people.

And if you don’t have anyone to hug, hug your pet turkey.

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