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Top 5 Hottest Halloween Costume Types

Halloween has become one of the best holidays for men all over the world. Thanks to the ever increasing assortment of sexy Halloween costumes that women are not only wearing, but flaunting, men receive many more treats than tricks these days. Check out our assortment of the top 5 hottest Halloween costume varieties below, featuring the lovely Sara Jean Underwood.

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5. The "Super Hero" Costume

Thank you Hollywood!!! All the recent Super Hero movies (The Avengers, Batman, Spider Man, and more) have created a resurgence in hot women wearing sexy Super Hero costumes at Halloween. Skin-tight faux leather, capes, and thigh high boots... All the ingredients of a fun and naughty Halloween.

3. The "Law Enforcement" Costume

Most everyone finds a man or woman in uniform utterly sexy. Make that a beautiful woman in a sultry police uniform and you've got yourself a first class fantasy in the making. Admit it, at least once in your life, you've dreamed about a sexy police woman putting you in cuffs and taking you back to her "special" jail - right?

2. The "Bikini" Costume

Halloween costumes don't get much smaller (or better) than the bikini costume. Pick one that has some crazy animal print or some weird matching boots and you've got yourself a hot and sexy crowd favorite that every guy at the party is sure to love.

1. The "Slutty Schoolgirl" Costume

Our number one choice for the hottest type of Halloween costume is the ever popular slutty schoolgirl.

Thanks to Catholic schools across the country, short skirts paired with knee high socks and tight-fitting tops are a heavy staple in every young man's fantasy rotation.

Girls and women all over love to tease us men every Halloween with the sluttiest schoolgirl outfits they can come up with. Visit any college campus during good old All Hallows Eve and 80% of the girls you come across will be dressed in some sort of super short skirt, knee highs or stockings, and a bra or some other top that exposes most of their boobs. And, we love them for it!

Click the link below to see a huge gallery of the hottest Halloween costumes...

Sara Jean Underwood in Sexy Halloween Costumes

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