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Celebs Who Changed Their Names

Many popular stars from yesterday and today have taken on identities other than those given at birth Here's a list of 10 you may not have known about. And, you can visit to find out the stories behind their name changes. Enjoy...

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  • 1. Charlie Sheen

    Real Name: Carlos Irwin Estevez

  • 2. Demi Moore

    Real Name: Demitria Gene Guynes

  • 3. Jamie Foxx

    Real Name: Eric Marlon Bishop

  • 4. Katy Perry

    Real Name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

  • 5. Mr. T

    Real Name: Laurence Tureaud

  • 6. Cary Grant

    Real Name: Archibald Leach

  • 7. Vin Diesel

    Real Name: Mark Sinclair Vincent

  • 8. Miley Cyrus

    Real Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus

  • 9. Whoopi Goldberg

    Real Name: Caryn Elaine Johnson

  • 10. John Wayne

    Real Name: Marion Morrison


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