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    How Dictators Use Zombie Election Monitors To Stay In Power

    Hungry for legitimacy, authoritarians want to eat your votes.

    Hungry for the legitimacy that the appearance of democratic elections can provide, authoritarian regimes are increasingly employing "zombie election monitors" to remain in power. Dressed up to look like established election monitoring organizations, "zombie monitors" are organizations who are willing to ignore internationally accepted norms about what constitutes free and fair democratic elections in order to create confusion about the authenticity of an election among domestic and international audiences. Here are nine ways that undemocratic regimes call on and deploy zombie monitors to endorse staged elections and drown out the voices of credible election monitors.

    Create Mass Confusion

    Infect Existing Election Monitoring Organizations

    Endorse Flawed Elections

    Dominate Media Coverage

    Build Zombie Alliances

    Suck the Life Out of Election Monitoring

    Pretend Everything is OK

    Stop at Nothing

    Attack Legitimate Elections