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10 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Want To Eat Clean

Always looking for inspiration to eat healthy? The self-restraint to say “No, thank you, but I don’t want a seventh slice of pizza”? You'll find it in these 10 mega-droolworthy, healthy-eating Instagrams.

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1. @mmmoky_

Via Instagram: @mmmoky_

This seventeen year old vegan foodie has salads, shakes and bakes. Guilt-free cookies? Don’t mind if I do.

Follow her if: You’re into wooden countertops and mason jars.

Any non-foodie posts? The occasional self portrait.

2. @naturalnomad

Via Instagram: @naturalnomad

A ‘twenteen’ year-old who seems to enjoy her fair share of yogurt.

Follow her if: You adore yogurt bowls painstakingly decorated with fruit and nuts.

Any non-foodie posts? One picture of her watch, and one of her new shoes (we aren’t complaining!).

4. @thesashadiaries

Via Instagram: @thesashadiaries

Has the seeming ability to make anything in the microwave. Even, dare we say it, kale chips!

Follow her if: You like fast heath foods and clean, white, minimal plating.

Any non-foodie posts? Yes, as well as an ongoing series of double-exposed flower portraits that may even top her foodie posts.


7. @mvrte

Via Instagram: @mvrte

Based in the Netherlands, this girl is a self proclaimed healthy, veggie food lover.

Follow her if: Breakfast is your favourite meal of the day.

Any non-foodie posts? Yes, the occasional selfies or cat picture. Meow!

8. @dollyandoatmeal

Via Instagram: @dollyandoatmeal

Do not be fooled by her username; this account posts such decadent-looking treats, you’d think we’re lying when we said it is healthy.

Follow her if: You’re looking for a wealth of original, scrumptious recipes all on blog with the same name.

Any non-foodie posts? Landscapes, dogs and ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots.

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