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    10 Healthy Vegan Matcha Desserts

    You + vegan cake = a matcha made in heaven

    1. Matcha Coconut Ice Cream


    I scream for ice cream! Recipe here

    2. Matcha Green Tea donuts


    You donut wanna miss out on this! Recipe here

    3. Matcha Bread star with a Black Sesame Filling and a Ginger Glaze

    Sasha Gill / Via Instagram: @thesashadiaries

    You will love this dough much! You can find the recipe here

    4. Matcha Granola


    BRB stomach going GRRRR (nola). Recipe here

    5. Matcha Dipped Coconut Lime Shortbread


    Simply subLIME! Recipe here.

    6. Matcha Cashew Cups


    You will like this a choco-LOT. Recipe over here.

    7. Gluten Free Matcha Crepes with a Chocolate Ganache and Toasted Hazelnuts


    If you don't think this looks DELICIOUS, you're a crepe. Recipe Here

    8. Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes


    Whipping these up are a piece of cake! You can get the recipe here.

    9. Raw Matcha Brownies


    Get some brownie points by making these for your pals. Recipe here.

    10. Matcha Cashew Coconut Energy Balls

    Naked Cuisine / Via

    You'll be ballin' if you brought this to school for snacks. Recipe here.