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I’m A Tarot Reader Who Tried To Predict What Would Happen In My Life For 3 Days

Hey, Miss Cleo wasn’t made in a day!

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Hi! I’m Kim. I’ve been studying tarot cards for about a year. I think it’s about time I put my “psychic” abilities to the test, don't ya think?

Kimberly Gedeon

Believe it or not, I am a tarot skeptic myself. So I thought it would be a great idea to pull three cards asking, “How will my day go?” And, at the end of the day, I’ll compare my predictions to what actually occurred. I used The Book of Shadows: Vol. II deck, FYI.

My Cards For Day 1: The Queen of Swords, The High Priestess, and The Stars (Reversed)

Kimberly Gedeon

Prediction: In tarot literature, the Queen of Swords represents a blunt (sometimes bitchy) woman who tells it like it is. Not a fan of this chick! I have a feeling that the Queen of Swords represents contact from the hiring manager I've been e-mailing lately. She probably won't bring any good news. FML.

The High Priestess is the mysterious, observant wallflower that no one can really figure out. She usually comes up for me when I keep to myself; I might be home all day tomorrow. The Stars Reversed gives me the impression that I will lose faith in something or give up hope on some dream of mine. *Sigh* Let's hope that's not the case!

What Really Happened on Day 1:

Kimberly Gedeon

Outcome: So I was being considered for a UK TV docuseries for the past several weeks. That Queen of Swords character happened to be the TV producer telling me that they won’t be taking me on this season, but will keep me in mind “next time.” Noooooooo! Why me? It looks like The Stars (Reversed) card represented the Queen of Swords stripping me of dreams! *crying face emoji*

I did end up staying at home, unfortunately. Actually no - not unfortunately. It’s hot AF and it’s a good thing I didn’t go out. I mean, have you been to the NYC subway during a heatwave? It’s literally the Sahara desert. Literally.

My Cards for Day 2: The Ace of Chalices, Justice, and Temperance

Kimberly Gedeon

Prediction: So I’ll be meeting up with my friend Danny, who I haven’t seen in years. So I already have a pretty good idea of how things are going to go. Ace of Chalices represents a renewed friendship - an overflowing of feelings and emotions. So I think Danny and I will be rekindling our friendship.

Justice represents the idea of fairness - how in the hell could this apply here? My guess is that maybe we’ll have a conversation about social issues or something. And Temperance is about mixing different things to create a balanced compound, but with this card showing happy black couple having a good ol' time, I think the meaning is very simple - we’re going to have a blast at dinner!

What Really Happened On Day 2:

Kimberly Gedeon

Outcome: Omg guys! The Ace of Chalices actually represented Danny pouring his heart out to me telling me that he’s always fancied me. How weird is that? So there was an overflowing of emotions and feelings, but more on the romantic side. *Swoon*

With Justice, I should have just looked at the card - it’s a picture of a woman giving off a very seductive look. Hey, after Danny got that secret off his chest, I couldn’t help but bat my eyelashes a bit. And thankfully, I got Temperance right. The food was delish, but Danny enjoyed the food the most. He had shrimp. And he f***ing loves shrimp.

My Card Pulls for Day 3: The Emperor, The High Priestess, The Lovers

Kimberly Gedeon

Prediction: There goes that High Priestess again! Looks like I’ll be staying home. The Emperor in this deck shows a boss lady doin' her thang - she’s on laptop, she’s on the phone, and she’s taking notes. I did have plans to watch a few YouTube tutorials to learn some new skills. So that could happen. As far as Lovers, that’s easy - Danny and I will probably be texting each other recapping what happened the day before. Win!

What Really Happened On Day 3:

Kimberly Gedeon

Outcome: So I didn’t step foot outside of my house. I did use my laptop, but I didn’t check out any tutorials. And, indeed, I was on cloud nine texting Danny the whole day. Boom! Short and sweet.

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