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    15 Pictures Of Baby Platypuses That'll Make Your Heart Melt

    In the animal kingdom, platypuses are seen as a weird mash-up of a duck and a beaver, but they are very underrated on the cuteness scale!

    1. Get my good side

    2. Two best buds

    3. Nap time

    4. Morning stretches

    5. Listening closely

    6. Platypus kiss!

    7. Peek-a-boo

    8. Nom-nom-nom-nom

    9. Cuddle!

    10. Superhero pose

    11. Is that Justin Bieber?

    12. I'm flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying!

    13. Trying to be angry but totally doesn't work because they're so cute

    14. Existential

    15. Everyone's a comedian...

    16. And a baby penguin for good measure

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