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35 Instagrams From North Korea

Some things not even a camera filter can improve.

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David Guttenfelder is the Associated Press chief photographer for Asia. These are some of the amazing Instagram posts he's made while on assignment in North Korea.

"#Pyongyang, North Korea by night. A first video test for me from the DPRK."

"The setting sunlight is reflected on the Taedong River flowing through Pyongyang."

"Two postcards for sale in a gift shop at the DMZ at Panmunjom, North Korea. National Geographic's online NewsWatch has posted a feature about my DPRK instagram feed with an essay and Q&A by the writer Tom O'Neill."

"The open road. A North Korean national highway between Pyongyang and Kaesong."

"North Korean artifact #116. A portrait pin of the late leader Kim Il Sung in its original packaging sleeve."

"North Korean artifact #112. Air sickness bag, Air Koryo"

"Published in 1983, here's a collection of guidance given to North Korean journalists by Kim Jong Il . One chapter, devoted to the craft of photojournalism, is titled 'Press the Shutter When You Are Sure of Success.'"

"The Internet connection in my Pyongyang hotel room has been really spotty for the past couple few days. Upon closer inspection of this drinking straw-protected wires twisted together section, everything looks up to standard. So, I'm not really sure what the problem is."

Nurses sing and play the accordion during a health campaign to give young children vitamin A supplements and deworming pills at a nursery in #Pyongyang. UNICEF and DPRK government agencies collaborated in the campaign to assist 1.7 million kids under 5 across the country.

"Rainy Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang."

"Children in a field in front of a North Korean village east of Kaesong."

"North Korean farmers work in a field near the DMZ east of Kaesong."

"Taekwondo wallpaper. #Pyongyang"

"A North Korean woman adds up the restaurant lunch receipts while military videos play on the TV behind the counter."

"At an art exhibition in #Pyongyang displaying creations by local military veterans, this painting depicts #NKorean soldiers ambushing US troops."

"North Korean school kids attend a concert at Mangyondae Children's Palace in #Pyongyang."

"On stage. Mangyondae Children's Palace."

"A woman passes behind a screen where pictures by North Korean press (including one of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un as a younger man) were on display at a local photo exhibition in #Pyongyang."

"A North Korean soldier helps a boy aim during an arcade shooting game at #Pyongyang Fun Fair."

The people of #Pyongyang out and about on the 101st B-Day of late North Korean leader Kim Il Sung.

"A North Korean wedding party portrait in front of the late leader statues in #Pyongyang."

"Kegs of beer & stuffed animals at the entrance to #Pyongyang Golden Lane bowling alley."

"Models of North Korean rockets were incorporated into the flower arrangements at the #Kimilsungia exhibition in #Pyongyang."

"North Korean children stand at attention during an induction ceremony into the Korean Children's Union at Kim Il Sung Stadium."

"This North Korean guy was manning the sound board for a performance in front of a mini Kumgangsan mountain range at the #Pyongyang Folk Park."

"Roadside #propaganda depicts a NKorean soldier killing a U.S. soldier in #Pyongyang. The poster reads in Korean 'Life or Death Battle. Merciless Punishment to U.S. Imperialists and Puppet Traitors.'"

"A North Korean traffic policeman stands guard at a roundabout in the capital. The DPRK's men in blue seldom get their 15 minutes of fame. Most visitors remember the female traffic cops at the intersections. Icons of #Pyongyang."

"A restaurant in the Hyangsan Hotel at the foot of Mt. Myohyang, North Korea. We're the only guests in this hotel."

"A view of Juche Tower in #Pyongyang, #NKorea."

A North Korean doctor and a bank of video monitors inside a #Pyongyang hospital.

"A wall painting inside a North Korean school."

"Painted propaganda, showing North Korean children in armed services uniforms attacking U.S., Japanese & SKorean soldiers, hangs in a room inside a Pyongyang kindergarten."

"An apartment block stands above the schoolyard playground equipment of a #Pyongyang, #NKorea kindergarten."

"Caricatures of American and Japanese solders are stored in a room at Kaeson Kindergarten in #Pyongyang. Children throw things at the faces and pretend to shoot or bayonet them with toy guns during a schoolyard game."