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    13 Tweets Showing How Iran's New President Is Different

    Change is coming to Iran, 140 characters at a time.

    President Rouhani is big into Twitter

    This is especially interesting because social media is often blocked in Iran

    Rouhani is using Twitter to hint at major changes. Here are 13 tweets showing why reformers are excited:

    He's calling for a more cordial relationship with the United States

    (Comparison: outgoing President Ahmadinejad claimed the U.S. orchestrated the 9/11 attacks)

    View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

    On the economy, he's acknowledging things aren't good – especially for educated youth

    He's acknowledging that women don't have equal rights, and says that needs to change

    Rouhani is clear that he has no interest in developing nuclear weapons

    (For comparison, here's what President Ahmadinejad said after kicking out IAEA inspectors)

    He wants less censorship and more free speech in Iran

    That's why reformers are reacting like this: