The Who?
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    • TheWhut

      Meh. I’ve been single for 26 years andIdon’t complain about it to people in my life. It is what it is. IfIget rejected 10 times inarow,Ijust shrug my shoulders and move on, but it doesn’t meanIstop searching. I’ll be honest, its depressing, but life’s too short to dwell on this stuff. I’ve got things to do and stuff to see yet on my bucket list.Ican’t really define whata’nice guy’ is,Iconsider myselfakind guy; honest and accepting. With topics like these, its the problem of genders and what each is ‘expected’ to do, who initiates, etc. Of course, as I’ve gotten older,Ifeel more and more like I’ve fallen behind or something on the times. And women want to know about my past relationships, I’ve had none, so what do they want me to do, lie? No,Itell them the truth, that I’ve haven’t met the right person yet, andIthink most women believe there must being something “wrong” with me and call it off. Dating for the ‘honest’ or ‘unassuming’ guys isalot likeajob interview, “You’re the right person for the job, but…” The important thing is, just be yourself.Ibelieve there is someone for everyone and if someone can’t accept you for YOU, then its not worth pushing it.

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