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Superheroes Playing Sports By Maris Wicks

Maris Wicks has a fun vision for our favorite DC and Marvel Heroes, they play sports in their free time. Whether it is Golf, Frisbee, Hockey or Jumping Rope these guys know how to kick back, and with the whimsical style of Wicks bringing them to life, they look cute doing it. (Via The Uniblog)

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  • Batman Plays Hockey

    Though maybe baseball would be more appropriate?

  • Captain America Plays Frisbee

  • Dazzler Plays Roller Derby

  • Spiderman Plays Tennis

    Anyone for Tennis? (Badminton Maybe?)

  • Thor Plays Golf

  • Wonder Woman Jumps Lasso

  • Hulk Rides Bicycle

    I am not sure this is from the same set. Still cute tough!


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