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I Loves Me Some Strange Fan-Art!

Yo, here is some more gruesome, ludicrous and fantastic fan-art. Cause weird fan-art makes life better. Miss a past segment? (via The Uniblog)

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  • Militant Mario and Luigi by Rengetsu Inaba

  • Sad Batman by GUNRANDO

  • Rocker Wonder Woman by Hector Enrique Sevilla Lujan

  • Twisted Looney Toons by Kilacqua

  • Cupcake Batman by kitanai-neko

  • Dumbledore’s Army by koenta

  • Shiny Tom Selleck by lerms

  • Sinestro’s Finger by Luke E. Denby

  • Centaur Kim Possible in Heaven by Manon Yapari

  • Sex Pot Maleficent by Mario Chavez

  • Jedi Joy Ride by Mark Rehkopf

  • Mixed up Costume Disney Girls by MellasFenixxes

  • Goonies/Sesame Street by Michael B. Myers Jr.

  • The Cage! by Michael Lopez

  • Tea Time GL by Mike Maihack

  • Ladies Man Jean-Luc by MoreHandClaps

  • Acid Garfield by Natasha Allegri

  • Cute Abed and Troy by Nicole Peterson

  • Tarids Wedding by Otis Frampton

  • Boob Bowser Mows the Lava by Shaylyn Hamm

  • X-Babies by Skottie Young

  • Effed Up Sesame Street by sumox

  • Wario and Waluigi Are Even Meaner Now by sumox

  • Wolverine Problems by Tenso Graphics

  • Ghost Boob Peach by TheBourgyman

  • Welcoming Skeletor by Unknown

  • Random Lanterns by Unknown

  • Extra Tats Brawny Smurf by xanderthurteen

  • Birdo-Rex by xsKiRtZx

  • Doofy Twilight by xsKiRtZx