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Have Some More 'Bring Me Strange Fan-Art'

Here, have some more Strange Fan-Art from the bowels SA Forums. Poke Here if you missed past installments. Note: Most of these don’t have sources, if you know them comment please. (Via The Uniblog)

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  • Lady Gaga and Cartman

  • Manly Mario

  • Mickey is a Nazi

  • Ninja Turtle by Gary Storkamp

  • Marge likes Being a Dinosaur

  • Ooooobama

  • Mario has the good shit.

  • Pikamania

  • Creepy Who/Grinch Love

  • Mario and Luigi: Wanted

  • Reboot Reboot by Matt Rhodes

  • Snake What is Wrong with Your Face?

  • Skeletor Rockin Out

  • Sailor Disney by manony

  • Spiderman Rockin Out by Scott C.

  • Rockos Modern Life a Little Whacked out by Pac

  • Walken Wonka by Vass Deviant

  • Snoopy Okami

  • Gender Swap Link by stvkar

  • The Critic Cast as Dragon Ball Z Characters

  • Dont Eat Pikachu!

  • Nic Cage and the Monkey

  • Darth Vader Setting shit On Fire!

  • Unsettling Winnie the Pooh

    Yep, this is the worst.

  • Scar is also a Nazi

  • America!

  • Zelda Meets Flapjack