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Even More Strange Fan Art

I have more strange fan-art for your consumption. Part 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you missed em. (Note: Please add sources in the comments if you know them.) (via The Uniblog)

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  • Manly Peach and Baby Bowser

  • Fat Sephiroth

  • Zombie Totoro

  • Shaggy is a Ghostbuster

    By Kizer

  • Girl's Toys Rule

    By David Finch

  • Hey Arnold Meets The Boondocks

  • Woody Will Shoot You

  • 80s Explosion

  • Kim Jong Il - Pokemon Master

  • Sesame Street Fighter

  • Gender-Swap Harry Potter

  • Dr. Doom Isn't So Bad

  • Some Furry Characters as Doctor Girlfriend and The Monarch

  • Detailed Samurai Pizza Cat

  • Batman w/ a Light Saber vs. A Shark

  • The Big Lebowski Video Game

  • Spiderman and Mexican Batman

  • Grown Up Powerpuff Girls

  • Cookie Monster is a Gentleman

  • He Caught a Street Shark

  • Human Scar From The Lion King

  • Cute Lord of the Rings

  • Grown Up Dora the Explorer

    What is this, I don't even.

  • Release the Dr. Zoidberg

  • Street Fighter Lady Gaga