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Doo-doo-doo-DOO! More Strange and Awesome Fan-Art

Alrighty kids, I think it is time once again for some crazy, morbid, and amazing fan-art. Don't you? (Warning some of these are mildy NSFW.) Miss a past segment? (via The Uniblog)

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  • Wolverine Duck by Dirk Erik Schulz

  • Han Solo Cup and Chewie by Philip Tseng

  • Daisy <3s Waluigi by Amanda Kuiack

  • Creepy Female Joker by Amanda Lynn Cook

  • Extermi-Bake! by Buuya

  • Fat April ONeil Clinton Jackson White

  • Link is Missing Something by Dan Hipp

    w/ Indy and Short Round!

  • Techno-Avatar by dustsplat

  • Sexy? Peg Pete by Flick-the-Thief

  • Badass Orko by Gavin Slayer

  • Grimace Anatomy by Glen Brogan

  • Grotesque Ursula by Greco Westermann

  • Modern Snow White by Jason Edmiston

    Kind of reminds me of Enchanted.

  • Gender Swap Hellboy by Jeremy Roberts

  • Mario Sister by JollyRose

  • Furry Star Trek: TNG by Karabiner

    I like how pleased Riker looks.

  • Not at All Strange, Just Awesome Doctor Who by Kevin Wada

  • Stabbing is Apple Blossoms Special Talent by kicksatanout

  • Susan Boyle vs. Paddington Bears by korintic

  • Tween Power Puff Girls by Nillia

  • Action Star Buzz by Otis Frampton

  • Harley and the Plushies by Peter Nguyen

  • Little Golden Book Raichu by Becky Dreistadt

  • Luigi Butt by Przekop

  • Icky Mickey/Godzilla by Ralph Cosentino

  • Green Lantern Corp Meets Glee by Randy Mayor

  • Scooby and his COUSIN Dixie Doo Smooching by Razzek

  • Bat Pyramid by Retrouvailles

  • Swamp Thing and Jesus by Rick Veitch

    (actually this isn't fan-art, Veitch worked on Swamp Thing, still weird though)

  • Cubist Wonder Woman by Robert Ball